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An Equinox Love Letter: From me to you

An Equinox Love Letter:  From me to you

We've arrived at the Equinox and the arrival of spring, a time of rebirth, fertility and new beginnings.  As the darkness diminishes and light increases it is now time for the return of imaginative and creative energy.  This shift in energy encourages us out of our winter hibernation, a time of reflection and going within, and back out into the world. By the end of winter it can be hard to find the spark of purpose, meaning and inspiration, things feel dark, slow and sluggish.  But the rhythms and cycles of nature remind us that periods of dormancy and rest are restorative and necessary and then with ease and grace allows the light to assist in a gentle unfolding, and blossoming of new life. 

Symbolically, the equinox represents balance, equality and harmony, with the changing seasons marking a time of transition. It also beautifully illustrates nature’s innate wisdom and resilience as plants and animals begin to rebirth and renew as they return to life after the colder, darker months.

In essence, the concept of renewal and rebirth associated with the spring equinox speaks to our innate human desire for growth, transformation, and the enduring hope that even after the darkest of times, there is a chance for new beginnings and the emergence of life's vibrant and beautiful possibilities.

I know that I am feeling this in a very strong way.  I feel as though I am awakening from a deep slumber and I feel this fire burning within to learn, grow, explore and expand.  I am reminding myself that I am inherently a shapeshifting being and that change and growth are my only constant.  Too often we get stuck in cycles that no longer serve us just because they feel familiar and safe but if we want to evolve and expand, if we want our lives to improve, we need to embrace change and consciously step out of our comfort zones.  With grace, courage and deep trust, step into the future that we imagine for ourselves.

I wish for you all a beautiful Equinox and reemergence.


With so much love,


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