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Winter Mythic: A winter collection

Winter Mythic: A winter collection
It is my pleasure to introduce to you the first little taste of Winter Mythic. My first collection as Moonface Clothing.
This collection was born from a deep immersion into Celtic Mythology. I'm so inspired by mythology and the stories that we pass down. Stories that survive millennia being passed from generation to generation. As humans we bond through stories. It's how we teach, how we learn and how we heal collectively. When we reconnect with myth, we reconnect with the wisdom of our ancestors and the natural world. We remember that we are part of something greater than ourselves.
As Sharon Blackie puts it:
"Mythology is the language of the soul, speaking to us in symbols and archetypes that resonate with the deepest parts of our being."
And so this collection is my personal exploration into the symbolism inherent in Celtic Mythology.
Rooted in Celtic Mythology is the Weaver of the World sits at a cosmic loom, intricately weaving the threads of existence. She weaves the interconnectedness of all things in the universe, from the stars in the sky to the creatures on Earth. She is a creator and sustainer of life, ensuring balance and harmony in the world through her work. Within the intricate patterns, cats emerge as guardians of the spirit world and protectors of sacred knowledge. They possess magical powers and are sometimes seen as shape-shifters or familiars. They navigate the realms between worlds, their presence a reminder of the unseen forces that shape our reality.
Alongside them, hares are creatures of the Otherworld, able to pass freely between the realms of the living and the dead. They are often associated with the fairy realm and are messengers or guides for those who encounter them.
And towering at the centre of it all stands the Tree of Life, its roots delving deep into the earth, drawing sustenance from the very essence of creation, turning death and decay once more into life. Its roots delve deep into the earth, showing the connection to the underworld and the realm of the ancestors.
The trunk rises to the heavens in connection to the divine and the celestial realm. In its shade, stories are shared, myths passed down through generations and the boundaries between the seen and the unseen blur.
"When we reconnect with myth, we reconnect with the wisdom of our ancestors and the natural world. We remember that we are part of something greater than ourselves."
-Sharon Blackie
This new collection will be available Monday the 10th of June at 12 Noon AEST

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